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Outside The Norm: Photography

Welcome to my photography

Greetings and welcome,

I'm currently based in Brisbane, Australia. In these pages you will find a few photos and a bit of information about me. You can make your way around through the box at the right.

Whilst I explore many different genres of photography, the reason I hold a camera is not a pursuit of money, but rather a personal quest to create memorable images that I am proud to have been able to create. In one sense, this is definitely a vision quest - exploring light, form, location, beauty, and other distractions along the way.

I hope you enjoy the work I've chosen to share here. Comments and thoughts of all kinds are welcome and appreciated - please use the contact link on the top left. Sometime soon I hope to be able to offer many of my images as prints for sale and I'd be very interested to hear which you would be most interested in seeing as either limited edition or open edition runs. I am also always interested to hear from models who would like to be part of my quest.

Thanks for stopping by,

Norm Murray

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